Official Statement On Q-School


We have had a lot of messages asking why our two World Champions have not entered Q/School?

Corey is still only 21 with a very young family, in the last four months his whole life has changed so much through darts. Not many people even knew his name before August, it’s been an absolute whirlwind for both Corey and his family. I (Mac) have been speaking to Corey in depth about his future, and I for one want the best for him and his family. Corey and his family decided to stay on the DPA circuit for another year which after, Corey, Breana and their children are going to try to make a life in England; Corey will be coming over later in the year to play some development tours and look for some rented accommodation.

Glen as we all know won The Lakeside World Championship yesterday, he now wants a few weeks off so that he can enjoy the occasion before honouring that great trophy and trying to defend it next year.
It’s been a fantastic year on the board for the team, and I will continue to give my players one million percent backing on decisions they make regarding their futures.


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