Good Performance, but no Win for Kim


SMC managed player Kim Huybrechts made his debut this evening in the 2015 Premier league, against world number 1 Michael van Gerwen, in front of 12,000 darts fans in Leeds.

Both players put in great performances, and the 7-3 scoreline to MvG was a little tough on Kim, as he had chances to take more legs.   There’s a lot of darts to be played yet in this competition, and the near 98 average will win more games than he’ll lose.

Kim Huybrechts (97.69) 3-7 Michael van Gerwen (107.72)

Kim:  0x180, 72 highest out.  MvG: 2×180, 145 highest out.

0-1 – Double ten sees van Gerwen break in the opening leg.
0-2 – Huybrechts misses double 12 to break back as van Gerwen returns on double six to move two legs up.
1-2 – Double ten sees Huybrechts get off the mark.
1-3 – van Gerwen holds throw to regain his two-leg cushion.
2-3 – A 78 finish for Huybrechts sees the Belgian hit back.
2-4 – van Gerwen finishes 82 with a bullseye, double 16 combination.
2-5 – Huybrechts misses three darts at doubles 16 and eight, and van Gerwen capitalises by finishing 79 on double 11.
2-6 – The world number one finishes 87 for an 11-darter to secure a minimum of a draw.
3-6 – Double six sees Huybrechts win his third leg of the game, keeping alive his hopes of grabbing a point.
3-7 – van Gerwen opens with a 180 before sealing a brilliant victory with a 145 finish, ending with a 107.72 average.

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