Glen Durrant Answers Your Questions

During is busy and victorious weekend at the England open, our own Glen ‘Duzza’ Durrant took time out from his busy workload to answer some of you questions. Glen has given you a chance to ask him anything you wanted, and there were some great questions.

Do you still play local league darts back home?

I don’t that much, but it’s funny you should ask that as I played my first local league game for a while on Monday night in the Redcar. I have to say the away team were brilliant with me. I just felt I was lacking a little sharpness so going back to play at that level where it’s best of 3 501 would sharpen me up again. It’s cutthroat darts where you need to be sharp and start well. But my favourite night of the weeks is a Thursday night, where I have three darts at the board, and it’s one leg of 501, but I love the social side of it.

How much do you practice?

I’m one of few players that likes to practice on their own. I do an hour every day without fail; I love that time 6-7 in my darts room where it’s just the board and me. When I’m approaching big tournaments I’ll step that up to 3/4 hours a day; I’ll go down the local club and play against the super league team and the locals. But the beauty for me is that I like to practice on my own.

Is it hard to balance work, life and darts?

If you had asked me this question in 2012, I would have said yes, as I went to 17 countries in 12 months. There were times I would get home at 8 in the morning and be at my desk at work by 8.30. But now I’m in a good place; I’m one of the players that picks and chooses a little more where I’m going to. Now I prefer the Cat A and Cat A+ over the other competitions, so now It’s really working for me, and I’m in a perfect place.

This was one of the most popular questions!!! The ‘SWITCH.’

Are you or have you considered moving to the PDC?

The truth be told, and some people might not like this, but I was going in January, but I was promised some things in the BDO, but that has happened. So you can read into that what you will. As you all know I’m with Mac and the team, Jelle Kyle and Kim keep on at me to come over. But the answer is yes I have considered and am considering the switch.

Are you a fan of the Premier League?

Absolutely, I watch it every week. I’m a huge darts fans and the produced Barry Hearn has created is unbelievable. Some people will say that you only see the same 8/10 players every week, but they are selling out 15/20 thousand  seater arenas in 40 minutes so they must be doing something right. It’s up to everyone else to raise their game and force their way in past these guys. The Premier League is pretty unique; you only have to look at the viewing figures and the averages the guys are putting in. Watching van Gerwen at the moment is mind-blowing.

Phil Taylor at his best or Michael van Gerwen at his best who wins?

I’m the biggest Phil Taylor fan, what he’s done for the sport over 30 years is incredible. Michael is also a very special player; I remember watching him win the Finland Open when he was just 14. Michael is playing the best darts at the moment but if anyone can find a way to beat him it will be Phil.

Darts on Dave, did you enjoy it and what they brought to BDO darts?

I think they put the BBC to shame if I’m honest. They came in with fresh ideas; there were mistakes, but they were learning as they were going and they did a fantastic job. If BDO darts on Dave is the way forward, then brilliant. The knowledge Dave called on with John Gwynne and Chris Mason was excellent, two amazing guys with darts running through them. The feedback was excellent.

Did playing at Lakeside take something away from the World Championships?

No no it’s the home of darts, I would be over the moon if they were to say the World Masters is now at Lakeside as well.

Your one of the rear top pros to play with pear flights, are you one to change equipment like some of the other top pros?

No, I don’t, but that’s not necessary a good thing. I keep just being shy about it. I would love an extra 5% in my game, and trying new thing could help me get that. So yes I might sit down with Harrows, who have been fantastic with me, and try some new bits from the weight of barrel to different flights. If you look at Peter Wright and Phil Taylor they are always looking for a little bit more, so yes it’s something I should maybe do.

Being a huge Middlesbrough fan do you still get to go to games as much as you would like?

Yes, I am a huge fan and Middlesbrough have been great to me. When I won the World Masters, I got to take the trophy on the pitch at half-time, which was a huge honour. You will always see Boro with me everywhere I go on my shirt to my walk on. I walk on to Pig Bag, which a lot of people ask why are you copying Adrian Lewis, but it’s a Boro anthem that’s why I walk on to that. Can’t wait to see us back in the Premier League, just gutted I’m away for the first home game of the season against Stoke, but darts comes first. I hope to get to at least 4/5 of our home games this season.

Do you think Darts could all be played under one code like it used to be?

Yes is the short answer, I’m not sure how but it would be great if it could happen. It’s a long way off at the moment but yes we could all play under one again.

When was the last time you hit a nine-darter?

In practice, I hit at least one most weeks. Think in 2012 I hit 5 in one year in competitions, including one here at Selsey. The story with that one is that Ross Montgomery was 3-3 on the board next to me, I screamed when I hit the double 12 when he was throwing for a double, and he went on to lose, so he wasn’t happy with me.

Who’s your best friend in darts?

Jim Williams and Jamie Hughes I can’t split them they are both great lads.

Do you have a favourite Lakeside memory other than you playing there?

This is a great question, and I think I have an answer. I think it was 1989 Jocky Wilson v Eric Bristow. Jocky went 5-0 up then Eric came back to 5-5, then Jocky went on to win it. It was around the time I just started playing. And like we were talking about the Chris Mason Martin Adams game with all the 180s. Chris and I are both Chokers and please quote me on that, Chris and I always have a laugh and joke about it.

Have you had an invite for the Grand Slam yet?

I haven’t yet but it’s high on my radar this year. Winning the Masters last year should get me in, and would be devastated if I’m not at Wolverhampton.

How do you switch off away from darts?

Another great question. It’s about getting the balance right with family life, spending time with my wife and daughter. My dog Murphy, who’s 16 now. But I do like just chilling listen to music away from it all.

If you could play anyone in TV final who would it be?

I can’t get the name Phil Taylor out of my head.

Are you still playing with the same darts you started with?

No, I started with an Alan Glazer ton machine dart. Then I hope Tony O’Shea reads this because I went to an exhibition of his in Middlesbrough and he gave me a set of his darts, and stood up and told everyone there that I was good enough to play for England. So I used them for a while, then at the Tyne and Wear open I met someone from Harrows Darts. They then made me some based on the O’Shea, and it’s been my Harrows ones ever since.

Big thank you to Glen for taking some time out to answer your questions from us all here at TSMC


England Open Delight For Duzza 

Interview was done by Phill Barrs

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