Dimi Crowned The World Youth Champion

Dimi started the match on the front foot, as he raced into a two-leg lead. Payne checked out 108, to half the deficit, but Dimi responded in kind with a 146 finish to race into a 4-1 lead. With the score at 5-3 Dimi was throwing for the title, our young star had the dream leg hitting 177 followed by 150 to leave 36 after just 12 darts thrown. Dimi dreams were fulfilled the next throw as he pinned 36 to be crowned the World Youth Champion.


“It’s unbelievable to win this title,” said Van den Bergh. “It feels like a dream, and it’s absolutely amazing.

“Winning this says something about what may happen for me in the future. It’s a step forward and there’s a whole lot more to come for me.

“It’s very important for me. Playing this tournament has prepared me well for the World Championship and whoever I play there will need to be ready.”

Dimi would also like to thank Justin Pipe, who help Dimi practice in the buildup to the final.


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