2015 William Hill World Championships

Many of the Sportsman Management Company players are in action in THE tournament of the year, the 2015 World Championships at Alexandra Palace.

With a £250,000 first prize, and £1.25 Million pound prize fund, this really is the biggest event in the darts calender.  The money on offer could really push any of our players up the rankings.

Round 1:

Jelle Klaasen (29) 3-1 Christian Kist
Ronny Huybrechts 3-0 Andy Smith (28)   (Sat 20th)
Kim Huybrechts (18) 3-0 Michael Mansell  (Sun 21st)

Round 2:

Jelle Klaasen 4-3 Gary Anderson
Ronny Huybrechts 1-4 Peter Wright
Kim Huybrechts 4-3 Ian White

Round 3:

Kim Huybrechts 3-4 Phil Taylor




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